1964 -Gene Myers founded Gene's Speedometer.  The original Gene's location was the garage in Gene and Joan Myers' house on Eight Mile Rd in Anderson Township.  When Gene wasn't working at home, he was on the road servicing dealerships and mechanic shops.  After a couple of years, Gene decided he needed to be in a more central location.

1970 -Gene's Speedometer relocated to a small building on Main Street in downtown Sharonville.  Gene built up a large customer base from the beginning because of his honesty and friendly personality.  By the early seventies, Gene's Speedometer was established as the best in the business.  Gene's vast knowledge of speedometers and Joan's bookkeeping skills laid a strong foundation for the business.  

Gene at the shop on Main Street in Sharonville
Gene and Joan at Christmas

  Gary (Gene's son), Paul (Gene's brother), Gene

1985 -Gene realized it was time to expand to a bigger location.  He found the perfect location at 11608 Reading Rd. in Sharonville.  Unfortunately, Gene would never see the opening of the new shop.  At the young age of 48, Gene passed away just weeks before the new store would open.  Ownership was then passed on to his widow, Joan Myers.  Gary Myers, Gene and Joan's son, handled the day-to-day operations for the majority of the next twenty years.  Gene's head technician throughout that time was Nick Romine.  Nick was hired shortly after Gene passed away, and his knowledge on mechanical speedometers continues to be asset to Gene's today.  

2006 -Gene's grandson Garrett took over ownership.  Garrett has taken the knowledge that can only come with 44 years of family experience and applied modern day technology and electronics to it.  Today, Garrett operates Gene's Speedometer as a mobile on-site company.  Garrett continually works towards new discoveries in the speedometer and gauge industry.  After 44 years in business, Gene's is stronger than ever.

Gene and his grandson Garrett, Garrett is now the owner
Gene, Gene's grandsons Garrett & Troy

Gene sharing some of his speedometer knowledge with Garrett